Caring for Vinyl Windows

Tip #1 – Never wash windows or doors with a high pressure spray. The extreme pressure could

crack or destroy caulking around the units. Instead, take time to individually clean the windows.

For vinyl‐framed windows, a soft cloth or ordinary long‐handled soft bristle brush and some mild

detergent may be all that’s necessary to maintain the windows. Do not use abrasive cleaners

that may scratch the frame or glass.


Tip #2 – To clean unexpected stains on vinyl windows and door frames (such as bubble gum,

felt‐tip pens, lipstick, motor oil or top soil), try using Fantastik® cleaner. For tougher stains (such

as tar, pencil or oil marks) use Soft Scrub®.


Tip #3 – Vacuum around the edges of weather stripping to remove any dirt build‐up. Carefully

vacuum window screens regularly instead of removing them and cleaning with soap and water.


Tip #4 – Recycle old, white, cotton, hole‐ridden socks and use them for cleaning window sills

and frames. Slip the socks on your hands and you can “feel your way” toward a cleaner window.


Tip #5 – Never insert nails or screws in the interior or exterior of a window frame to hold up

holiday decorations or lights. Window frames should never be tampered with or they can lose

their ability to function properly.


Tip #6 – If the glass in a window gets broken, do not replace the glass yourself. Some windows

have Insulated Glass Units (IGUs), which contain harmless Argon gas that helps in the window’s

energy efficiency. A replacement unit should be ordered and installed that perfectly matches

the original window.


Tip #7 – If the window has brass hardware, use a dry, clean, soft cotton cloth to remove dust

and dirt from the protective lacquer coating on the hardware.


Tip #8 ‐ Thoroughly wash the exterior frames of windows (including the sill that is exposed

within the home closest to the screens) twice yearly. Remove any bugs or dirt that may have



Tip #9 – Use a light combination of vinegar and water to gain sparkling glass on your windows.


Tip #10 – Over time, dirt may accumulate on window edges and corners. To remove the buildup,

use Q‐tips dipped in vinegar. Make sure to thoroughly rinse with water afterwards.

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