Selecting Bathroom Faucets

There are lots of bathroom faucet types to choose from. Before you make a bathroom faucet selection it’s important to know what types are available and what limitations and benefits they offer.

Faucets come in so many different colors and finishes. The following is a list of some colors and finishes available.
•Brass in brushed or polished
•Chrome in matte, brushed or polished
•Antique or Oil Rubbed
•Nickel in brushed and pearl

Not all faucets are the same especially when you consider the different types available. First you’ll need to determine whether or not you have a single hole, 4 inch centers or the flexibility to use any hole spread. If you’re building new then you’ll have more options but if you’re replacing an existing faucet then you’ll be stuck with the hole configuration you have.

Center Set Faucets

Probably the most common bathroom faucet is the center set. Sometimes called mini-widespread these faucets are made for sink basins with three holes pre-drilled 4 inches on center. The faucet can have several different appearances from separate levers and a spout to a single lever and spout. Typically the center set faucets are also the most reasonably priced.

Widespread Faucets

Widespread faucets have become very popular with new construction. This is especially true with solid surface countertops like granite and Corian. Widespread faucets have separate handles for hot, cold and the spout. They all appear to be separate pieces and can be arranged in holes from 6 inches apart to 12 inches. Some installations also arrange the faucet handles in a circular pattern to follow the shape of the sink bowl.

Single Hole Faucets

Single hole faucets have a single lever and valve all combined into one sleek fixture. These faucets only require one hold in the sink (some come with a cover plate to cover up existing 4″ center set holes). Single hole faucets can sometimes be used where there is little space for more traditional faucets.

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